Digital cameras

Even an enthusiastic analog photographer can no longer avoid digital systems at some point. In everyday photography, the pixel masters have become indispensable. Due to the almost unlimited storage capacity, „saving film“ is no longer an issue.

Aldi Traveler FX 5

Here is my first own digital snap: A Traveler FX 5 that a well-known supermarket chain had on offer in 2008. An image sensor of unknown size could capture images of 2560×1920 pixels. Videos were only saved to the SD card in 640×480 format. The lens with a focal length of 6.1 – 18.3 mm corresponds to 35 – 114 mm in 35mm, i.e. what used to be called superzoom. With a light intensity of 2.7-4.7 quite usable. The automatic shutter speeds ranged from 1/2s – 1/2000s. 2 AA batteries provided the power supply (unfortunately empty quite quickly). Due to the small size of 90 x 61 x 29 mm (WxHxD) and the low weight of 134 g, the camera can also be carried in a pocket. Useful for quick snapshots on vacation. What bothered was the much too dark display and the immense battery consumption.

Nikon D3100

When the prices for color films and their development continued to rise since 2010, the Nikon D 3100 provided a significant relief in the film budget. The quality of the Nikon lenses and an image sensor measuring 16 x 24 mm (DX format) made taking photos with the pleasantly light camera a carefree pleasure. A logical menu navigation, the possibility to work without automatic round off the positive overall picture. Only the color on the control buttons could be a little more durable. However, the camera has not been spared in the last decade.

Nikon D610 with Leitz Elmarit 90mm

The use of non-system lenses is difficult with the D 3100, there is then no exposure metering by the camera. In order to be able to work comfortably with e.g. Mamiya or Leitz lenses, I bought the Nikon D 610 in 2018. In addition to the heavy weight, this camera offers a multitude of photographic possibilities, all of which are listed in the approx. 700-page manual. As a standard lens I use a Sigma f:4 / 24 – 105 mm. With a continuous initial aperture and fast autofocus motor, it is a robust, almost all-rounder.

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